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WinHelp Easy is the simplest way to produce a Windows Help File
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17 January 2012

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If you are a developer of some application, you essentially require creating and integrating a help file along with your program in order to guide the user through any technical or operational issues. A standard format for creation of Help files is .chm which calls the built in help utility of the Windows OS, but these are already getting obsolete along with the newer versions of Windows. Apart from this, the conventional method of programming Help files is not so easy and takes up a lot of potentially productive development time. An effective solution for such issues is provided by WinHelp Easy v.2.7.2, which happens to be an advanced application for the creation and integration of Help text along with a reader to let the user access all the help components in a hassle free manner.

WinHelp Easy is a shareware application for producing Windows Help file. In the package, you will have two separate applications with one of them being used to compose the Help document and other one integrable with your native application that will be called to read the Help text by the native application on user’s command. Thus, your help document is completely independent of all the components of the associated help tools of Windows. With this application, you don’t even need to get into the complex coding in HTML help workshop which can be extremely difficult to use and time taking if you have to compile extensive help documents. All the Help text is first written in a wordpad or any other text processor program and then pasted directly into the application’s writer for subsequent access by another application which is packed into the native Windows application.

To conclude with, WinHelp Easy v.2.7.2 is a nice concept based utility which will eliminate all the troubles related to the essential process of compiling help files, leading it to score four rating points on the scale of five.

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WinHelp Easy is the simplest way to produce a Windows Help File. Using Microsoft 'HTML Help Workshop', is one way out, but is extremely difficult to use. Another alternative is to use one of the many commercial applications available, but they are expensive and also difficult to master. WinHelp Easy is a completely new concept. The Help display is almost identical to the normal Help Window yet doesn’t rely on any Microsoft program for the display. WinHelp Easy comes as 2 stand-alone .exe files. One is used to write the information, the other is packaged and distributed with your program and is ‘called’ from within your program to display your Help files. The Help information is written in WordPad then Pasted directly into the program window. WinHelp Easy is compatable with all versions of Windows from Win98 through Vista and Windows7.
WinHelp Easy
WinHelp Easy
Version 2.8.11
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